Best Ways to Store Your Shoes Seasonally

Best Ways to Store Your Shoes Seasonally

It's that time of year again — with the next season rolling in soon, it's time to rewire your brain for better go-to outfits, reevaluate your wardrobe and rethink your shoes. Whether you're winding down from the warmer months into fall and winter or coming out of your frozen shell as spring and summer approach, a new season means a lot of changes in the climate and your closet.

You want to put your best foot forward for the months ahead — and that requires changing up your footwear. Are you swapping out those furry boots for flip-flops? Switching your sandals for snow boots? Whatever the season, one thing's for sure — you need easy access to your everyday seasonal shoes, so you'll have to store the rest.

Looking for tips on storing women's shoes? From beach season to the brink of winter, we'll help you organize your seasonal shoes until you need them again.

Before You Store

Before you start storing your shoes away for the next few months, take a little time to go through and inspect them. Is all your footwear in good condition? Are you going to wear every pair when their season arrives again? If your favorite shoes are worn down to the soles, maybe it's time to retire them. If you can't see yourself in those wedge sandals next summer, say goodbye.


Before you store is the perfect time to evaluate your shoe collection and get rid of any shoes you won't wear later — plus, it leaves more room in your closet for the rest.

How to Store Summer Shoes

If you're like most of us, your summer shoe collection is probably made up of flip-flops, flats, sandals and some wedges. These light, sleek shoes take up less space, so they're a little easier to store than winter shoes. Here are a few unique ideas for putting those summer shoes away: 

  • Use an Over-the-Door Organizer: Tuck those slim shoes into the plastic pockets of an organizer that can hang on your door.
  • Store Them in Drawers: If you have a few extra drawers that aren't full, you can easily stack your summer shoes in them for another season.

How to Store Winter Shoes

Your winter shoes tend to be bigger and bulkier, so you'll have to be a bit more creative with how you store them away. Here are a couple of tips for making your winter shoes fit in storage:

  • Use a Pegged Coat Rack: Over-the-knee boots, snow boots, ankle boots and other winter footwear can take up a lot of space, so why not store them vertically instead? Try installing a multi-level pegged coat rack in your closet or bedroom wall and hanging your shoes up for the season.
  • Use an Under-the-Bed Organizer: If you want your shoes out of sight, try sliding them beneath your bed. You can buy a roll-up shoe organizer, separate them into neat boxes or tuck them into the compartments of wine boxes — whatever fits neatly underneath your bed.

Storing Shoes Every Season

If you can't make our seasonal storage tips work, try these simple solutions for any time of year:

  • Plastic Containers: Store your shoes of any kind in quick-seal, see-through containers you can stack on shelves in your closet or tuck in your garage without wear or water damage.
  • Shoe Cabinets: If you have a lot of shoes, think about investing in a piece of furniture just for your footwear. Many furniture stores sell specific shoe cabinets, or you can repurpose a dresser to hold your best shoes.
  • Hanging Shoe Organizers: Feel like there's not enough room on your closet floor or shelves for more shoes? Make the most of the space and buy multi-shoe organizers you can hang with your clothing to save space.


If you need more shoes for the upcoming months after you've put away last season's footwear, Shoe-Inn has a stunning selection of shoes in every style. Browse our collection and enjoy the upcoming season. Happy storage!

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