Fall Shoe Trends and How to Wear Them

Fall Shoe Trends and How to Wear Them

 The world of footwear has rarely been so diverse. For the fall 2019 season, international runways have featured almost every kind of shoe. Cowboy boots have marched into style, along with chunky sneakers and slingback pumps — from kitten-heeled mules to thigh-high boots, this season's autumn footwear has something for everyone.

But the variety of options can feel overwhelming, especially if you are just beginning your research. In this guide, we've compiled the top 10 fall shoe trends for 2019, as well as styling tips to get you started. Whether you're looking for shoes to wear to work, after-dinner parties or the last fall festivals, invest in any of these top styles to begin building the perfect autumn wardrobe. Read on to find out what shoes are in style for fall 2019.

How to Wear the Hottest Fall 2019 Shoe Trends

Shoe design trends for fall 2019 have absolutely hit their most diverse levels this season. No matter what style of outfit you want to sport each week, the hottest autumn footwear has you covered. In fact, you can pair our popular fall 2019 shoes with countless casual, dressy and in-between outfit choices. Mixing and matching has never been simpler or more fashionable.

Excited to get started? Get ready to consider the tons of ways you can use our favorite new fall 2019 shoes to add a little drama, elegance, pizzazz or just plain fun to your walk.

Below, we'll look at some of the coolest ways to incorporate snakeskin shoes, platforms and western boots into your personal style. Of course, feel free to add your own flair before stepping out.

Go Snake Print Chic

snake print shoe trends

Nothing delivers a more confident message than a pair of eye-catching snake print shoes. New to this slithery trend that is taking the fashion world by storm? Start off by purchasing snake print flats or sneaker slides to test the waters. Totally into making snakeskin an everyday selection? Go full force and add snakeskin booties and combat style shoes to your closet.

Want to maximize the sizzle even more? Pair your snake print footwear with complementary snakeskin accessories like purses. Never mind about choosing a perfect color or pattern match. Merely adding another layer of snakeskin is enough to show the world you mean fashion business.

Wardrobe items that pair fabulously with snakeskin include:

  • Long, bold dresses and skirts.
  • Skinny dark wash jeans or colorful leggings.
  • Sleek pantsuits.

Give Yourself a Lift With Platforms

platform shoe trend

Would you love to add an inch or two to your height, even if you already stand head and shoulders over the crowd? Platform slip-ons and other platform style shoes have you covered.

These are hardly your grandmother's platforms from yesteryear, however. Today's platforms for fall 2019 run the gamut from saucy to sexy, offering a lift with some serious attitude. Test out platform sports shoes by wearing them during super casual moments or increase your platform exposure by wearing lace-up platforms to the office or a night on the town.

Sure, platforms only give the illusion of being taller. So why do you feel so powerful when you wear them? The key is in how bold and head-turning they can be. Transform any autumn look into an unforgettable moment with platforms.

Perfect fits for platform shoes are:

  • Comfy loungewear with an urban vibe.
  • Trendy business pants and skirts.
  • Ankle-length capris slightly rolled up.

Lasso a Pair of Western Boots

western boots trend

Has it been forever since you saw the inside of a barn or rode a horse? No worries. Western boots and booties make sense for city slickers and cowgirl wannabes, too. Count on seeing lots of western-themed shoes throughout the nation's biggest metropolises this fall. Who can resist such a tempting trend?

New to wearing Western foot gear? Browse the full line-up of Shoe-Inn Western boot selections. We have awesome surprises, including boots featuring bold colors and unbelievably sweet details. Buy 'em up so you can lead the pack into the most fun-loving, high-kicking fall 2019 shoe trends.

Try these partners for your Western boots:

  • Your favorite body-hugging pair of sassy, sexy jeans.
  • Long or short patterned skirts with a bit of flair and vintage good looks.
  • Cocktail dress offering a bit of attitude.

Bonus - Our Tried and True Favorites 

1. Ankle Booties

For one of the hottest shoe fashion trends for fall 2019, look no further than a pair of hip ankle boots. The look of the season features a heavy Wild West influence — the cowboy boot is back, with a more stylish, cropped silhouette. Pair a black cowboy bootie with a flouncy summer dress to transition into fall, or try a red, Western pair with denim shorts for an outfit that's ready for the last warm-season festivals.

 fall ankle booties

Leopard print has made a roaring comeback this season. Add a little flair to your wardrobe with a pair of leopard-style booties — pair with black skinny jeans and an oversized sweater for a perfect cold-weather look with a touch of sass.

For a pop of bright autumn color, try gold-brown suede booties with a metallic heel — depending on how you style them, boots with a pop of color could take your outfit from day-chic to party-ready. Pair with a black sweater dress for a sweet and stylish night on the town, or wear them with your favorite distressed boyfriend jeans, a fun graphic T-shirt and an oversized jacket for a fashionable fall ensemble.

Try these fun ideas, too:

  • Take the botanical craze of summer into fall — another season trend is all about florals. Try a khaki embroidered bootie that perfectly complements an autumn color palette.
  • For a brighter, cleaner look, go with one of the season's most-loved styles, the white boot. When paired with a midi-length hemline or cropped jeans, these versatile booties create an outfit ready for fashion week.
  • If you're a fan of the classic and sleek black bootie, give the style an upgrade with some sumptuous detailing like a thick strap and gold metallic accents. Pair with light-wash jeans and a fitted sweater for a hip fall look.

2. Knee-High Boots

knee high boots

High boots have stayed in style season after season, and for good reason — versatile, practical and flattering, the knee-high boot is a trend that just won't fade. This fall, take the classic shape of a tall boot in a few of the season's new directions.

The sleek, minimalist leather boot is a hot item on this year's runways. Make this wardrobe staple feel fresh by pairing it with a flowing printed skirt and a relaxed jacket for a comfortable and stylish fall look. For a twist on the classic black and brown tones, go with a bright red or pink boot to add some pop to your outfit. Tuck your favorite fall jeans into a pair of red knee-high boots for a fun fall style, or wear them with a floral skirt for a bold impression.

Gray boots are another seasonal fashion. Pair some cloud-gray boots with a white sweater dress to get a snowy, cozy look. Besides classic silhouettes, this fall's boots are all about the heel. New and innovative styles have flooded the streets and runways of fashion week — and the boot is no exception to the trend. Take your knee-high boots to the next level with a modern, architectural heel. These shoes are sure to make a statement and will effortlessly carry you from day to night.

To keep high boots looking fresh and on-trend, keep the rest of your ensemble chic and classic. Think fitted pieces featuring neutral colors and accented with some bright fall hues. Avoid over-layering when wearing your boots — a streamlined silhouette is the best way to keep the look modern!

3. Over-the-Knee Boots

over the knee boots

You already love knee-high boots — why not go even higher? The key to a stylish over-the-knee boot is finding a pair that fits the contour of your leg — a slouchy high boot will weigh down your legs and is less flattering for most body shapes. Over-the-knee boots come in almost every material and color, ranging from soft grays and subtle browns to timeless black and trendy cognac.

To stick with the fashion trends for fall boots, go with a slim heel to elevate your shoes and your figure, and pair them with a short dress or skirt for a chic, afternoon-to-evening style. A low block heel gives a pair of boots functional, workday comfortability — try an iconic suede-and-leather boot for a slimming and striking addition to any outfit. Take your favorite style into the cold months with a fur-lined boot that is sure to keep your legs warm, even in chilly winds.

This summer, wraps and straps were all the rage with footwear — carry the trend forward into fall with over-the-knee boots featuring wrap-around detailing. Style these structured boots with a neutral-toned sweater dress or a button-up skirt and an oversized cardigan to create your next go-to everyday outfit.

Over-the-knee boots pair beautifully with short dresses and skirts — the small glimpse of skin gives the look a feminine, classic appeal. Like with knee-high boots, keep your outfit with these shoes simple and streamlined. A timeless pair of black over-the-knee boots are a stunning look for a night out, and they do best when paired with subtle or neutral colors and minimalist accessories.

    4. Chunky Sneakers

    chunky dad sneakers

    Sneakers are no longer confined to athleisure. A comfortable trend in footwear, chunky platform sneakers are the new darling of fall fashion. The bulky shoes are a countermovement against slimmer and sleeker styles, and they embrace the oversized look that's popular all over the runways, from voluminous sweaters and coats to billowing pants.

    Try wearing some chunky sneakers with distressed skinny jeans and a loose-fitting jacket during fall afternoons. Slip on a bomber or leather jacket to give the style an edge. For a feminine twist, pair some big sneakers with a plaid dress — the sweet silhouette of the dress works well when contrasted with the bulky shoes. Rock an off-the-shoulder top tucked into high-waisted mom jeans, and finish the look with a pair of chunky fashion sneakers. If you love a sporty vibe, try wearing your new chunky kicks with track pants or leggings, and finish the outfit with an oversized t-shirt.

    Chunky sneakers are a practical and fashionable choice for days on the go:

    • If you know you will be doing a lot of walking, opt for your favorite pair of big shoes for maximum comfort. When wearing some oversized sneakers, the key is simple accessories — the shoes will draw attention, so keep the rest of your outfit minimal.
    • Another tip to styling big shoes is to keep your bottoms fitted or short. Long skirts or flared, loose pants could make your entire outfit look chunky when paired with big sneakers. Instead, wear slim-fitting pants or short hemlines to make your look shine.

    5. Combat Boots

    fall combat boots

    This year's runway featured utilitarian, military-functional looks. Welcome to the comeback of the '90s combat boot.

    In the combat boot, fashion meets utility — a lace-up front, mid-shin height and thick, durable soles make these shoes the versatile favorites of the fall 2019 season. Pair with a midi-length plaid skirt and a leather jacket for a perfect cold-weather look, or go for a sleek ensemble with wine-red skinny pants and a long moto jacket.

    A tough pair of combat boots adds just enough grunge to upgrade any outfit, from classic denim to short skirts and tights. Take your favorite summer dress into fall by pairing it with a bomber jacket, black tights and combat boots. To fully embrace the grunge, pair your boots with distressed denim shorts, a white graphic T-shirt and either a leather coat or a soft, oversized flannel.

    For some fun contrast, pair your classic black combat boots with skinny, distressed black jeans and a lacy, feminine top and bright colored coat. Denim and combat boots go together beautifully — pull on an oversized denim jacket with a pair of black pants and boots, or rock your combat-ready shoes with some ankle-length, light-wash jeans and a chunky sweater. For an unexpected twist on the classic black boot, try a taupe-colored boot and wear it with black or blue denim.

    Keep your combat-outfit casual with a knit beanie and leather bag for a perfect urban look. To make your combat boots dinner-worthy, try pairing them with slim-fitting neutral sweaters and simple accessories like a black clutch and minimalist gold jewelry. Especially if you love unexpected styles, keeping the rest of your ensemble chic and sleek helps the boots stand out without overwhelming.

    6. Heeled Mules

    heeled mules

    The mule craze of spring and summer is lasting into fall. This season, take your favorite mule loafers and give them a cold-weather upgrade with a slim heel. A blend of the Moroccan slipper and a classic kitten heel, the heeled mule is leg-elongating and stylish, perfectly transitioning outfits from afternoon walks to upscale evenings. Try pairing black heeled mules with fitted pants and a smart blazer for a perfect business style. If you're looking for a go-to fall casual outfit, slip on some mules with a pleated midi skirt, a tucked-in T-shirt and leather jacket.

    Show off your flair by wearing open-toe heeled mules with some flared jeans — make sure they hit just above the ankle to show off your chic shoes. Pair some blush suede mules with a flowing silk dress for an unforgettable date-night outfit. Brighten up your look with some vibrant mules, and pair them with straight-cut, light-wash denim for a cheerful fall style. For a fun and bold statement, wear some leopard-print mules over black tights and denim shorts.

    When wearing low-heeled mules, the only rule is not to cover them up — don't wear pants that dip past the ankle, or you risk hiding your trendy heels behind fabric. If you love long pants, try rolling or cuffing them when you wear your new mules for the best results.

    7. Pointy-Toe Pumps

    pointy toe pumps

    The combat boot isn't the only comeback of the season — a popular footwear trend of fall 2019 is the '80s-style pump. With unexpected colors and a retro silhouette, this year's pointy-toe pump is gracing runways around the world. Simultaneously professional and flirty, the pump is a power shoe with tons of character. Pair a classic black pump with a fitted dress and smooth clutch for a sophisticated evening-out look. If you're looking for an alluring and trendy outfit, try some suede stiletto-heel pumps with skinny jeans and a tucked-in, button-down shirt.

    These calf hair pumps have a subtle leopard-print pattern and would look cute with black tights and a mid-length skirt. Slip on some metallic pointy pumps to give your work wardrobe a contemporary flair — when paired with a neutral outfit like black pants, a white or cream blouse and a dark blazer, these pumps upgrade your business look without being flashy or over the top.

    You can go subdued or bold, too:

    • For an elegant and polished look, grab a pair of subdued pumps with a kitten heel. Wear these low pumps with cuffed, mid-wash denim or slim, dark pants and some fall layering for a cozy and fashionable fall ensemble. The pointy-toe pump is a closet staple for a reason. They elevate almost any outfit, bringing a professional and pulled-together style into fall.
    • For a unique look, try heeled pumps with gently scalloped edges and pair them with high-waisted jeans or a khaki-colored skirt.
    • Nothing pops quite as strikingly as fire-engine red — wear these bright, slingback pumps to give your autumn wardrobe a little vibrancy. Red pumps go well with both black and blue pants, and if you're feeling bold, try wearing them with some white skinny jeans and a gray sweater.

    8. Fancy Loafers

    No one can call 2019's loafers boring. Bold, bright and decidedly fancy, these on-trend shoes combine comfort and style.

    Velvet transforms a loafer into a luxury shoe fit for both street-style and after-dinner parties. A modern take on the smoking slipper, wear embroidered velvet loafers with skinny black pants, an oversized coat and blanket scarf. Take your loafers to the next level with red velvet and tassels, or rock a lush, printed velvet loafer with dark fitted pants. If you love a classic black shoe, try a dark velvet loafer embroidered with a classic emblem for an elegant take on the trend.

    If you want to wear loafers with a dress or skirt, try knee or midi-length hemlines. While it's possible to wear a maxi dress with loafers, it's easy for the shoe to get lost in the swirl of fabric. Instead, pair some fancy loafers with a lacy, feminine dress or a sleek pencil skirt.

    Animal print is another popular interpretation of the loafer — slip on a funky, snakeskin pair and wear them with dark brown khakis for a fun workday outfit. Since loafers are a flat shoe, pair them with slim-fitting or short bottoms for the best look. Anything too long or bulky tends to create an unflattering silhouette and overwhelm the shoe.

    9. Hiking Boots

    hiker boots

    Hiking boots are another of this season's trends to watch. From Gucci to Moncler, designers from around the world have jumped on the hiking boot bandwagon. The appeal is easy to see — hiking boots are comfortable and functional, and they carry a bit of the outdoors into our daily lives.

    Hiking boots naturally pair with everyday clothes like denim, khakis and oversized jackets. For a luxurious and warm fall outfit, tuck some dark skinny jeans into a pair of light-colored boots trimmed with silky rabbit fur. Wear with cropped light-wash jeans and a basic T-shirt to complete your autumn outfit rotation.

    You should have fun with this style:

    • Use some hiking boots to toughen up a feminine look, like a dark floral skirt or a cheerful flared dress. In general, hiking boots add depth to dresses — for example, contrast the simple and understated lines of a slip dress with the busy details and standout laces of a hiking boot. If you love flowy maxi dresses, opt for a pair of worn-in hiking boots instead of your favorite heels. The bit of boot exposed underneath the skirt will ground the outfit, adding interest and a touch of androgynous charm.
    • Another way to wear hiking boots is with tights. Pull on some black or sheer tights underneath a patterned skirt and tug on a chic oversized sweater and your hiking boots for a lovely look that you can wear from day to night. For a hip twist on the traditional boot, try out some hiker booties. These fun shoes combine the smooth, compact look of a bootie with the laces and lines of a hiking boot.

    As for accessories, keep them simple. Bright knit hats, smooth-lined bags and oversized coats are the perfect complements for your new hiking boots.

    10. Platform Oxfords

    Hip, comfy and with a slight '70s vibe, platform oxfords are the funky, lovable shoes of the season. Platforms were all over the year's runways, but one of the consistent stars was the platform oxford. Combining the preppy sophistication of an oxford shoe with the height and bulk of a platform sneaker, these shoes are destined to become your go-to staples for fun autumn outfits. Embrace the vintage feel of these shoes with midi skirts and flared or cropped pants. A boldly patterned and fitted sweater goes along with the look.

    Naturally pairing with denim, platform oxfords look fantastic with light-wash jeans and a darker denim jacket — the contrasting colors of denim will add depth to the look while keeping with the denim-on-denim trend. Wear some black-and-gold platform oxfords with dark cuffed jeans, a neutral or striped top and a long dark trench coat for a chic European vibe.

    Unlike other shoes on this list, platform oxfords go well with long flared bottoms, so take full advantage — pair these shoes with your favorite flared pants or flowing skirts, and enjoy the extra bit of leg the platforms give you. Urban and just a little edgy, platform oxfords are a shoe that moves effortlessly from day to night wear, making any outfit seem hip and trendy.

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