Four Tips for Wearing Sneakers With Everything

Four Tips for Wearing Sneakers With Everything

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When it comes to fashion, footwear is the cornerstone. Whether you're going out on the town, going to work, running some errands or dressing for a special occasion, your shoes put the finishing touch on any outfit. You know those high heels and ankle booties always make a statement — but what about sneakers?

Chic, cute and comfortable, trendy sneakers are making a comeback that's about more than activewear. In fact, these casual shoes have been making regular appearances on the runway in recent years. If models can pull off sneaker trends as fashion statements, so can you. Want to know how to rock sneakers with whatever you wear — from casual wear to jeans, skirts and even your night-out outfits? Here are four tips on how to make sneakers stylish.

1. Don't Let Your Socks Show

Whether you're going out dancing for the night, spending an afternoon on the town, heading to class or dressing for a casual work environment, pulling off sneakers with your outfit is all about how you wear them. When you want a clean, trendy look that really works, make sure you're showing off your sneaks — but not your socks. Seeing a pair of athletic or crew socks poking out over your ankles isn't exactly the fashion statement you want. Instead, choose sneakers that don't require socks or opt for some low-riding socks you won't see over your sneakers.



2. Pair Them With a Playful, Short Skirt or Dress

Wearing a pair of trendy sneakers with a dress is no longer off limits — in fact, it's a modern way to show some sass and make a unique statement. When you're picking out your skirt and sneaker combo, just make sure you're going with the right hem length. A long, flowy dress or skirt won't look right with your fashion sneakers — it will look out of place. Instead, opt for a dress or cute skirt that falls to your knees or a little higher.

3. Go With Boot-Cut or Skinny Pants

When you wear your sneakers on the go, you want everyone to notice them — so why hide them behind baggy, flowy pants or flares? Whether you're wearing jeans, trousers or comfy pants, show off both your shape and your sneakers by picking a close-fitting pair with a slim, trim cut. Boot-cut pants or skinny jeans will accentuate your silhouette and highlight your shoe style at the same time.


4. Show Some Ankle

If you want your sneakers to stand out even more, show a little skin between your shoes and the bottom of your pants. Choosing cut-off jeans, hemmed pants or crop pants is a chic way to offer a clean, stylish look while showing off your shoe choice.

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I really like your tips
Besides, I also love sneakers, they give me a sense of dynamism and comfort. Besides, they are also very flexible to take on and take off when sitting at work

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