Style Tips on How to Wear Mules This Fall

Style Tips on How to Wear Mules This Fall

They're comfortable, classy and go with just about everything — mules are the season's hot item for a reason.

A mule's simple loafer silhouette may be classic, but it's hardly boring. Mules come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials, ranging from floral brocade heels to fur-lined slides.

In this guide, we've compiled 20 types of mules and styling ideas to inspire you. But always keep in mind that the most important fashion rule is to rock your own style with confidence — in the end, the only thing that matters is to choose a look that you love.

1. Heeled Mules

heeled mules

Mule loafers come in every style of heel you can imagine.

For mules with low, block heels, dress them down with boyfriend jeans and a tucked-in t-shirt and blazer. The shoe's slight heel and smooth profile give an otherwise casual ensemble a chic upgrade — you look ready for a laid-back business brunch or an afternoon downtown.

If your style leans more towards slender block heeled mules, try pairing them with a flowing midi skirt or ankle-length jeans for an elegant, feminine flair. These mules work especially well with dresses, both floor-length gowns and summer sundresses.

If you love a good high-heel, don't worry — you can find more than enough high-heeled mules to fill your closet. Tall platform heels give your mules a functional beauty. Try mixing up the colors for a pop of interest — a brown, wooden heel paired with a black front add dimension and versatility to your favorite mules.

2. Flat Mules

While heeled mules have a throwback feel, flat mule loafers are decidedly modern.

Sleek, smooth and classy, flat mules bring an urban edge to almost any outfit. Pair some flat mules with your favorite pair of skinny jeans and a relaxed top for an effortlessly elegant, casual look. For the businesswoman on-the-go, slip into flat mules when wearing your favorite black pants — the mules' understated profiles give a minimalist sophistication to a professional wardrobe.

Try pairing some flat mules with a shift dress for a young and hip look. Flat mules are stunning complements to on-trend culottes — the cropped length of the pants shows off your chic mules to their best advantage.

3. Espadrilles Mules

Rope-soled espadrilles are the shoes of summer, and they have been beloved by Americans for decades. If you love the sandal, why not combine the style with a loafer mule?

Espadrilles mules take the classic rope sandal to a new level of sophistication. These mules are ideal for a week on the coast — they balance the casual flair of a sandal with the smooth, on-trend silhouette of a mule loafer. This laid-back mule allows you to bring the carefree feeling of a vacation with you wherever you go.

4. Cross-Strap Mules

These elegant mules have an open-toe front with thick crossing straps. Cross-strap mules can be heeled or flat, but whatever the style, they give any outfit a look of cultivated beauty.

Pair heeled cross-strap mules with a flowing dress for a sleek around-town outfit. With relaxed jeans and a boxy t-shirt, cross-strap mules elevate an otherwise casual ensemble to an urban, fashionable look. Flat cross-strap mules pair especially well with denim shorts as well as pencil skirts — these mules are truly versatile pieces that will give new life to your wardrobe.

5. Embroidered Mules

embroidered mules

Another on-trend style is the embroidered mule. These shoes are typically embellished with brightly colored floral features, and they pair best with minimalist outfits. Try wearing your cheerful embroidered mules with boyfriend jeans and a dark top, or skinny black pants and a white t-shirt.

Similar to the embroidered style, a brocade mule takes the bold and vibrant patterns of embroidery and repeats them consistently over the shoe. While an embroidered mule typically has a solid background with floral or geometric accents, a brocade mule has a strong pattern throughout the whole shoe.

The strongly patterned nature of the fabric makes turns brocade mules into statement pieces. Like with embroidered mules, try wearing your brocade shoes with simple, understated ensembles — the daring shoes give a bold, feminine flair to a casual wardrobe.

Whatever way you wear them, you can be sure that embroidered or brocade mules will bring sophistication and taste to your look.

6. Studded Mules

One mule variation is the studded trend. These shoes typically have a brown or black base, but they are embellished with metal studs in various patterns.

Some studded mules simply outline the contours of the shoe, highlighting its smooth silhouette. Other mules go all out with star-shaped studs for a bejeweled, extravagant air. Studded mules have a natural edginess, so pair with dark pants and jacket for an understated yet rebellious look. When worn with light-wash jeans, studded mules lose some of their fierceness and become a fun way to jazz up an outfit.

7. Velvet Mules

For shoes that were born for cold-weather, try on a pair of soft velvet mules.

A velvet-spin on the traditional mule, these shoes have a depth of color that stunningly complements most outfits. Pair a warm, camel-toned sweater and light-wash jeans with some black velvet mules for a striking autumn ensemble. Dark velvet mules naturally go with dark clothes, so wear them with your best black pants for a sleek outfit.

Velvet mules bring a subtle and cultured taste to any chilly wardrobe — with shoes this posh, we guarantee you'll wear them all season long.

8. Perforated Mules

For fashionable yet breathable warm-weather shoes, look no further than a perforated leather mule.

These airy shoes lighten up any look. Pair warm, brown perforated mules with jean shorts and a breezy shirt for a perfect summer-chic outfit. Perforated mules bring the warmth of spring and summer to any season, and go well with both shift and fitted dresses. Wear black perforated mules with a floral top, dress or skirt for a cheerful and fashionable outfit.

9. Suede Mules

suede mules

Few fabrics are as classic as suede.

Smooth and polished, a pair of suede mules will last through years of fleeting fashion trends. Slip on some black suede slides to give any outfit a comfortable and stylish upgrade. For a functional work wardrobe, wear flat suede mules with your favorite dress pants or pencil skirts.

High-heeled suede mules were made for nights on the town — pair them with a long skirt or dress for a feminine flair. Wear with distressed jeans, a relaxed button-down shirt and a simple clutch to give an otherwise casual outfit an instant classiness.

10. Leather Mules

Suede may be classic, but leather is timeless.

A pair of leather mules is a worthwhile investment — incredibly versatile and long-lasting, leather mules will quickly become the wardrobe staples you didn't know you were missing.

Wear a pair of low-heeled leather mules with light jeans, a white shirt and a long gray or checkered coat for a sophisticated, urban look. Warm, caramel leather mules with a high heel go beautifully with black jeans and a denim jacket, or maybe pair them with a navy midi skirt for a fun, casual outfit.

11. Lace Mules

If you prefer your shoes to be one-of-a-kind, we know just the ones — a pair of delicate lace mules.

Chic lace beautifully complements the clean lines of a mule loafer. These types of mules tend to be more delicate than ones made with sturdier fabrics like leather, but don't let that keep you from treating yourself to a pair. Lace mules bring elegance and femininity to a wardrobe and will take even a simple outfit to the next level.

These shoes deserve to be shown off, so try wearing your lace mules with cropped or ankle-length jeans. Lace mules go well with both casual and night-out looks — they add interest to a simple jean ensemble or an elegant black dress.

12. Black Mules

Black mules are the little black dress of shoes — an essential wardrobe piece, they can be dressed up or down and go with anything.

If you prefer a casual vibe, pair your favorite pair of black loafer mules with a loose graphic t-shirt and distressed black jeans — the smooth silhouette of the mules brings urban sophistication to the outfit. Wear black mules over black tights and a dress during colder weather, or pair with relaxed jean shorts in the heat.

Black mules bring trendiness to every ensemble and are a staple of any wardrobe.

13. Brown Mules

brown mules

Like their black counterparts, brown mules also go with almost any outfit. Especially when you want to dress up a casual look, brown mules are your go-to shoes.

Pull on your favorite pair of high-waisted jeans and slip into a brandy-brown mule — these shoes are a must for everyday outfits. Cooler-toned brown mules will subtly upgrade a jean outfit, and can even go with black pants for a contrasting, trendy look.

14. Colored Mules

But why limit yourself to black and brown? If you love a little splash of color in your wardrobe, try on a pair of bright, colored mules!

Blue mule slides are a perky complement to a jean outfit — try them with a fun graphic t-shirt or patterned top for a cheerful look. Red mules brighten up any basic outfit, and they are especially stunning when paired with black pants, a white t-shirt, a sleek watch and a simple purse or clutch. For a truly unique addition to your wardrobe, try on a pair of olive green mules — wear these shoes to give your autumn jeans-and-sweater combo a trendy edge.

These colors don't stop here — pink, white, and yellow mules are also making a statement in this year's fashion trends, so definitely consider branching out and adding a pair or two to your fall wardrobe.

15. Animal-Print Mules

Funky and stylish, animal-print shoes are a must-have of this season.

Wear some high-heeled leopard-print mules with jeans and a white, black or gray t-shirt for a fun take on a basic outfit. You could pair flat leopard mules with cropped black pants and a black top for an urban and chic ensemble.

Whether sandy brown or shimmery black, embossed snakeskin mules bring instant sophistication to an outfit. The hint of pattern takes traditional mules to the next level — pair with dark-wash, high-waisted jeans to bring big-city elegance to your wardrobe. If you prefer a subtler touch, try mules made with calf hair

16. Metallic Mules

Bold, metallic hues give your shoe-game an urban and contemporary upgrade.

Pair shimmering gold-toned mules with black leggings and an oversized sweater for a fun autumn look. For the transitional fall and spring months, wear some gold heeled mules with a classy fit-and-flare dress for a fashionable outfit. Slip on a pair of gold mules with high-waisted light jeans and a belt for a casual street style.

Silver mules dress up an outfit, so pull on your favorite dress pants or party dress with your mules and head out for a night on the town. Pewter-toned mules are the perfect cold-weather hue and are gorgeous when paired with oversized sweaters and a warm latte.

17. Open Toe Mules

open toe mule

Ideal for showing off your new pedicure, open toe mules are a classic and elegant addition to your wardrobe.

Minimalist open toe mules go with just about any outfit. Try pairing some with shorts or flowing skirts during the warm months of the year, and when the weather gets a little cooler, wear them with dark jeans for a pulled-together look.

Open toe mules pair beautifully with dresses, whether youthful sundresses or ankle-length gowns.

18. Closed Toe Mules

The classic mule shape, a closed toe mule brings a simultaneously timeless and modern flair to your look.

A square-toed mule gives a contemporary edge to an outfit and works in both casual and business settings. Try wearing a closed toe mule with relaxed jeans, a big and cozy sweater and a cool jacket for an effortless fall outfit. If you're looking for a way to wear closed toe mules during warmer weather, try pairing your mules with a feminine top and cropped jeans.

19. Buckle Mules

Few shoes are as trendy or stylish as mules with subtle buckles.

Simultaneously fun and fashionable, buckle mules have been worn through the streets of New York and Paris. Wear a chic black pair with your favorite jeans and a neutral sweater for an easy autumn outfit worthy of fashion week. The light metallic buckle adds interest without overwhelming the shoe.

For a subtle buckled look, try a black mule with a black buckle. The front buckle gives the shoe depth and dimension but isn't immediately noticeable — perfect for those days when you want an understated outfit. Pair these with a midi skirt and a simple top for a perfectly chic look.

Find Your Go-To Mules

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