Finding the Perfect Boots for You

Finding the Perfect Boots for You

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Whether you're starting a new job, aiming for that promotion, trying to keep up with the kids or just trying to make it through each day, life can be crazy busy and leave you very little time to focus on only yourself and the things you love — like shoes. When you're chasing after your career or your children, it can be all you can do to put together a decent outfit every morning, and that's why easy styles that work with a variety of outfits are any woman's best friend — especially in the winter.

When it comes to versatility, comfort and trendiness, boots are any woman's cold-weather go-to, but not every boot is created equal. If you're looking for the perfect pair of boots online, there are a few things you should know before speeding to the checkout page. These tips and tricks for finding the right boots will help ensure your winter style is unstoppable.

What You Need to Know About the Different Boot Types

When you're looking for brand new boots, you might be tempted to choose the first cute pair you see online or go with the recommended style — but do you really know if those knee-high boots will offer the right fit for your calves or whether those stretch boots will slip right on over your winter socks? To help you find the perfect pair of boots for women, here's a breakdown of basic boot styles and heights:

  • Stretch boots: Built with upper areas made from elastic or stretch materials, these boots are perfect for women with shapely calves who need a little extra boot room.


  • Pull-on boots: With no laces, zippers or buttons, pull-on boots are designed to slip easily on and off with the aid of built-in tabs or stretchy goring panels in the back.
  • Zip-up boots: These boots will have zippers on the inseam or the back to help you put them on and take them off with ease.
  • Lace-up boots: Decorative and easy to slip on and off, these boots feature laces in the backs or on the sides.
  • Thigh-highs: Made for warmth or sleek style, these boots are typically 22 inches or higher.
  • Over-the-knee: Keeping your legs warm all the way up to your knees, these boots are 18 to 22 inches.




  • Knee-highs: These boots will be about 14 to 18 inches.
  • Mid-calf: This average boot height rises roughly 8 to 14 inches. Make sure you buy according to your calf size and the type of style that suits it best.
  • Ankle boots: Rising just above your ankles, these boots are 3 to 8 inches high.

Find Your Ideal Boots at Shoe-Inn

Whether you're finding the perfect boots for going out, for work or to be your go-to, knowing your boot styles and best fits will ensure you score a pair that will keep you warm and on-trend all winter. For the best in style and comfort, shop Shoe-Inn's stunning selection of women's boots today.

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