Mother Knows Best: Casual Shoe Style for the On-The-Go Mom

Mother Knows Best: Casual Shoe Style for the On-The-Go Mom

If you're currently the mother of young children, you know how non-stop your days can be. But, just because you're running the kids to sports practice, book club, band rehearsal or dance class doesn't mean you can't do it in comfortable style.

Many moms sacrifice their shoe style for comfort. When you spend as many hours as you do on your feet, most stylish shoes don't make the comfortability cut. But what if we told you that you could have the most trendy mom shoes with just a click of a button? With the fabulous styles available at Shoe Inn, you can.

Shoe Styles for Moms: What's Your Style?

Before you start shopping, it's a good idea to think about the kind of shoe style you most desire.

Depending on your individual tastes, you most likely prefer either open or close-toed shoes. You may prefer to wear fashionable sneakers, wedges, flats or sandals. You know that beautiful dress you own but never wear because you don't have the right shoes for your active lifestyle? Or what about that one pair of shoes that's actually comfortable? Since you wear them every day, they probably wear out quickly.

It's time to remind yourself that you deserve to feel happy with your feet, too. A new pair of shoes can do wonders for your confidence when you're out at about. Start by asking yourself what style of shoes you prefer, and then start shopping!

Active Shoe Styles for Moms

Have you heard of the term "Athleisure?" Shoes that fall into the Athleisure category blend athletics and leisure into the same design. These are the shoes you can quite literally "run around in" without worrying about your feet hurting. They're also stylish enough for school events, dinner gatherings and casual evening out with your significant other.

Take a look at some of these popular active shoe styles for moms:

  • Janet & Janet: The Janet & Janet sandal is a sporty-chic take on the traditional open-toed shoe. Made with soft material and solid arch support, these stylish mom shoes are perfect for warm weather. Both red and black are available.
  • Blaire 12: Our Blaire 12 collection by Vince features smooth material and a comfortable fit. They're the perfect slip-on sneaker for any everyday mom occasion.
  • J/Slides: Our J/Slides selection features the "Great" shoe, also known as one of the most comfortable sneakers on the market. These slip on, knit sneakers are ideal for casual and even semi-formal events.
  • Jenny: The Jenny shoe by Fabrio Rusconi features a cushy platform sandal that's perfect for those busy days where you have a few meetings in between running around for your kids' activities.
  • Wedgie: The Wedgie by Steve Madden is a casual sneaker that exudes style. It has a hidden one-inch lift and a convenient zipper opening that adds a classy detail.

Stylish Shoes for Stylish Moms

Just because you're a busy mom doesn't mean you need to sacrifice your style. At Shoe-Inn, our active shoe styles for moms mean your feet are always comfortable and insta-worthy. Shop our Athleisure Collection and find your perfect on-the-go shoes today.

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