Shoe Styles Inspired by Kate Middleton and Megan Markle

Shoe Styles Inspired by Kate Middleton and Megan Markle

Searching for some sophisticated shoe inspiration? When it comes to finding our footwear fashion niche, we all have styles we aspire to — so why not follow in the footsteps of some of the most stylish fashion icons?

As the Duchess darlings of England, sisters-in-law Kate Middleton and Megan Markle know how to make a royal family fashion statement with their shoes. If you love footwear with a sleek, sophisticated, upscale edge, emulating their elegant shoe style is the perfect way to make a statement of your own. To spark your inspiration, here are five shoe styles inspired by Megan Markle and Kate Middleton.

1. The Sophisticated Pump

Both Megan and Kate have a particular penchant for pumps. When they're dressed up for important events, royal tours and special ceremonies, they're never without a pair of smooth, sophisticated and stunning pumps perfect for the occasion. If you're looking for your own way to own this classy look, pick out a classy pair of Prioris, Sam Edelmans or Santorinis. A suede or leather pump with a pointed toe and stiletto heel is the Duchesses' dress shoe of choice.

2. The Strappy Stiletto

When you want something with a little more sass and standout style, try mimicking Megan Markle's love of strappy open heels. Paired perfectly with a long dress, a flowy pair of pants or an elegant jumpsuit, multi-strap heels will let your feet breathe and lend your outfit an elegant, exquisite edge. If you love the look of an around-the-ankle strap, pick up a pair of heels by Pelle Moda.


3. The Sleek Ankle Bootie

When she's dressed in stockings and a sleek dress for a day out, Kate Middleton opts for subtle but stylish platform ankle booties that offer both elegance and functionality. When you head out on an autumn day or dress up in the winter, pair your sweater dresses and jeans with Kate-esque ankle boots, slip into a sophisticated pair of booties by Steve Madden or opt for booties by Blondo.

4. The Elegant Espadrille

Shoes are just as important when warm weather rolls around, and Kate Middleton handles the summer in style with cork-heeled wedges to complement her style. Want to integrate an upscale espadrille look into your own wardrobe? Pair your favorite sundress with a pair of espadrille-esque Merana cork sandals by Priori, Kona wedges by Pelle Modo or Carmen Saiz sandals.

5. The Regal Riding Boot

Looking for a royal footwear choice for your less dressy occasions? Keep it casual like Kate, who favors regal leather riding boots with her more laid-back attire.

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