by Valdini

A fashionable trendy waterproof boot. Perfect for hitting the streets no matter what the weather.


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Looking for a pair of all-weather, all-purpose boots that are stylish, sophisticated and sensible? Whether you’re a young working woman, working mom, stay-at-home mom or grandma, the right footwear is essential to keeping up with your job, kids or responsibilities while also staying comfortable — and when has a little style ever hurt? Made of fashionable, weather-resistant suede material, these trendy waterproof boots are the perfect choice for any occasion.

Slip them on when it snows or rains and you’re heading outside, sport them when you’re running errands or show them off when you’re grocery shopping or taking the kids out for ice cream. Our Floria boots look beautiful with leggings and sweatshirts for a casual vibe, jeans and sweaters, raincoats, winter jackets and other fashionable casual clothing. You can also choose from brown or black suede to best match your wardrobe.

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