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Just like your favorite Allie booties from JSlides, but now waterproof!

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Looking for casual but chic footwear to warm your feet, meet your needs and get you through the winter? Wherever you are in life, we know being a woman keeps you busy. When you’re running back and forth balancing work, home responsibilities and your kids’ activities, you need a go-to shoe to get you through your hectic schedule and serve your feet well through wind and weather.

When you’re looking for warmth, comfort and protection from rain and snow, slip into our Henley waterproof booties. Complete with lined inside, waterproof outside, double-sneaker soles and side zippers, they’re the perfect pick for casual winter wear.

Pair them with leggings or jeans when you’re running errands or meeting friends, sport them with activewear when you’re taking a walk in the neighborhood or slip them on to shovel snow. They’re durable, stylish and great for all-weather protection. Order your pair online today, only from Shoe-Inn.

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