About Us


Hello, Shoe-Inn Family & Friends!

While we live in a busy world full of traveling and discovering fresh new footwear to dazzle your lifestyle, we love sharing our continuous growth to keep you updated. Our oldest son, Peter, joined the family business after working several years at Steve Madden, and we are excited to share our unique business story with the next generation of shoe-lovers.

Each day, we strive to provide high-quality shoes for women across the country, and we are always thrilled to share the changes we adapt to as we continue to build our company.

We can’t wait to share our passion for shoes with all the stunning and strong ladies across the world.

-The Lawsons


Shoe-Making Is in Our Blood

Unlike many other shoe companies, Shoe-Inn has a long-standing history with shoes, dating back to the late-1940s. As a family, we have worked side-by-side and have come from four generations of shoemakers. But as times change, we adjust, too! We bring the latest shoe trends to women in New York City with our ten brick-and-mortar stores in the tri-state area and other fashionistas across the U.S. with our exclusive online shop.

From our boutique-style shoe business in the form of quaint storefronts in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, we expanded our exclusive footwear collections to a modern online store. With the convenient access to all our designers and styles, women can experience our incredible line of shoes at a national level.

And while we continue to grow personally and on a business level, we maintain our passion for delivering an upscale shoe experience for women of every age and lifestyle.


Trending Designer Brands

 Shoe-Inn works with U.S. shoe brands, but what sets us above all others is that we collaborate with six Italian shoe designer brands that produce exclusive lines of footwear for us in the United States. Our chic Italian brands include designers such as Adulomar, Carmen Saiz, Maypol, Progetto, Timar, Valentina and many more. Other brands include Steve Madden, Botkier, Stuart Weitzman and Converse.

Twice a year, we travel to Italy to source incredible and durable materials that are soft to the touch and comfortable, but that are also sturdy enough to withstand daily wear. We work with our designers to make sure you receive Italian designer shoes with the latest designs, features and styles to keep you looking like a modern and trend-setting woman.


Discover Styles for Any Occasion

When you need a sleek and sophisticated pair of heels for a special event, or you’re searching for the perfect sandals for summer and the cutest boots for winter, trust our expert eyes at Shoe-Inn. We have every style for every significant life event or everyday wear. We love giving you access to our entire collection of shoes whether you stop by one of our locations or you shop online from the comfort of your home.

Browse your favorite brands and unique designs of shoes made in Italy online, then have them shipped straight to your doorstep.