Ahdorned Designer Bags

Every fashion-forward shoe lover knows they need one thing to complete their fabulous outfit: the right bag. Introducing, Ahdorned bags.

Ahdorned messenger bags are the perfect compliment to pair with your favorite shoes. Available in multiple styles and sizes, Ahdorned bags are ideal for women on the go who need a place to stash their wallet, sunglasses, lipstick and anything else an active woman needs. You can think of this bag as your own personal messenger that's always by your side. Whatever you need, your Ahdorned messenger bag can carry it.

Did we mention that you can swap out each bag's guitar straps to match every look and style? Because you can. It's a major reason loyal Ahdorned fans love their products so deeply. 

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(Full priced merchandise only. Not redeemable in-store.)