Patriotic Style for Memorial Day Weekend

Patriotic Style for Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend will forever be an opportunity for remembrance and reflection. For many Americans, showing their patriotism is an important part of honoring those who dedicate their lives to protect and defend our freedom. One way to show off your style this Memorial Day is with a fabulous pair of patriotic shoes.

Shoes to Wear for Memorial Day Weekend

Finding the right shoes to wear for Memorial Day weekend starts with narrowing down what you need from them. If you're going to a fancy event, wedges or pumps are adorable and ideal. If you're planning on spending the weekend outdoors with family and friends, finding a comfortable, yet stylish pair of patriotic shoes may be what you need.

No matter what your plans entail, we recommend browsing the following shoe options for some Memorial Day weekend ideas to increase your patriotic style:

  • Janet and Janet Flat Sandal: This open-toed sandal combines comfort and style. Their red color will make a bold statement, and since these shoes are also part of our Athleisure line, so they will keep your feet will be comfortable — and cute — all day long no matter what plans you have in store.
  • 2027 Stylish Sandals:The 2027 style of LeMare comes in a beautiful shade of blue. These sandals sport a short, wooden block heel and a smooth suede-like fabric. If you're looking for a hint of blue and a little subtle sophistication for your outfit, these shoes are perfect.
  • Cidec Wedges: The Cidec Wedge by Priori is bright and beautiful. The chain detailing and fringe on the strap comes in a cheery blue, making them the perfect shoes to wear for memorial day weekend. Pair them with a dress or jeans to elevate your style, whether you're heading to a parade, a backyard BBQ or another Memorial Day weekend event.
  • 980 Fashion Sneakers: This style of sneaker comes in royal blue and vibrant red. If you're looking for patriotic shoes to wear year round, these are a great option. They're also extremely comfortable and perfect if you're often on the go.
  • 502 Exe High Fashion: If you want to make a big fashion statement to showcase your patriotism, these all-white platform sandals will help you do just that. They represent the perfect finishing touch to any red and blue outfit. Plus, since white goes with everything, you can wear them throughout the year.
  • Z161 by Alto Gradimento: Need something with class and subtle sophistication? These gorgeous mules have a pointed toe and stacked heel, and they pair perfectly with jeans or even a flowy skirt. They'll add infinite style to your ensemble.

Gorgeous Shoes for a Variety of Occasions

When you're looking for the perfect pair of shoes to coordinate with your outfit, whether it's for work, a night out with friends or a backyard BBQ for Memorial Day weekend, Shoe-Inn has what you're looking for.

Our wide selection of sandals, flats, sneakers and more mean you can be patriotic in style this holiday weekend. Start shopping online today to find your perfect fit.

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