Three Accessories That Will Get You Festival Ready

Three Accessories That Will Get You Festival Ready

Ah yes — it’s festival season once again! We know you’re giddy with excitement, right?


From Arise in Colorado, Electric Forest in Michigan and Electric Zoo in NYC to FYF Fest in Cali and Lollapalooza in Illinois, thousands of events occur each year, and it’s almost impossible to narrow down your top choices. You may even have already attended Governors Ball, Coachella and Firefly, but don’t worry — you have the whole summer to keep adventuring.


Fests are all about traveling to different places across the country, whether you fly, take the train or drive. It’s a time to bond with friends and even strangers while listening to the artists you’ve been obsessing over for the past few years. And of course, it’s all about picking the most incredible festival accessories and outfits. Music festival season is the best time to express your unique style by pairing outfits that highlight your bold personality or showcase your mix-match style.


If you’re not sure where to begin, Shoe-Inn has devised a few quick accessory tips that will lead you in the right direction.

What Not to Wear at a Festival

Let’s start with the basics of what not to wear, and then we will get into the fun part. Here are a few accessories and outfits to avoid:

  • Open-Toed Shoes: Sporting a pair of open-toed shoes may be cute, but when everyone in the crowd is jumping and having fun, your toes are sure to be smashed.
  • Very Tight Clothing: Tight clothing is great for some events, but for music fests in the summer, you’ll want to stick to wearing flowy and open garments.
  • Heels: Accessorizing with heels at a music fest and walking through the grass? It spells disaster for both the comfort of your feet and others.
  • Jeans: When it comes to jeans, you don’t want to confine yourself to being hot while you’re dancing.

The Top Three Accessories That Will Have You Vibin’ and Thrivin’

In most cases, less is more when it comes to your perfect music festival outfit. The more you have on, the more likely you’ll be hot, uncomfortable and worried you’ll lose something. Check out the top three accessories you must have for your next music adventure:

  • Cross-Body Bags and Backpacks: At Shoe-Inn, we have what you need to complete your amazing ensemble. Our Autumn Cross-body has the perfect vibe for any fest. Store your phone, portable charger and your money, and you’re good to go. It’s all leather, so you know it will last for the entire weekend — and for long after that. A backpack should be your go-to for carrying all the essentials plus a few extra items. With adjustable shoulder straps and inside pockets, what’s not to love?


  • Sneakers and Boots: Finding the best footwear for Electric Zoo or Arise is often the trickiest part of any outfit. Of course, you want to be stylish, but if you’re walking, jumping, running and dancing all weekend long, you need comfort! We have the perfect fashion sneakers available from Crime London with accents of velvet and metallic. Shoe-Inn even has the Pascal boots by Dr. Martens, which give off a funky thrill and can match whatever outfit you throw on.
  • Wrap Bracelets: What’s a music fest outfit without jewelry? We have a stone wrap bracelet to accent your fashion, or you can even wear it as a necklace. Other accessories you may love include bandanas unique shades, fun makeup gems and jewels, hairpieces and body chains.



Accessories are the best way to express your distinctive style. Get your creative juices flowing and always make sure to try on outfits with all your accessories beforehand. Choose items that will be the most comfortable while still expressing your flair.

Start Shopping at Shoe-Inn

Along with our top three accessories that will make your outfit even more amazing, Shoe-Inn offers incredible styles for any occasion. Search through our inventory of fashion sneakers, boots and other accessories to get the perfect festival look.

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